Principles, 2018, algorithm, relief print, series of 511 prints, sized 90 × 60 cm each


The Principles series is a set of 511 algorithmic prints, sized 90 × 60 cm each, made in the relief print technique. The project explores the properties and boundaries of printmaking, interpreting the concepts of a series, a matrix and graphic matter.

In principle, realization of a series of prints allows for a fuller view on the selected topic. The series explores the subject in its entirety, including 511 unique prints that make up all possible combinations of the used matrices.

Principally, the preparation of a print matrix requires manual perfection and time-consuming development. The matrices were cut with a laser that materialized digital precision and logic.

The principles of graphical matter are the the creator’s vision and the physical properties of his printing technique. The expression of the works is built by the digital consistency of projects, confronted with an organic structure of hand-printed impressions.